Unique Lemon Juice Recipe

The lemon juice is an easy juicing recipe. But today I will show you how to get proper value from a lemon. Sometimes we hangout restaurant and juice parlor. Almost 60% of people like restaurant lemon juice. What is the difference juice making process? Why can not make juice same to same restaurant style?

I take a lemon for juicing. Now I make some pieces of the lemon. Then I remove the lemon cover. And I confirm that white cover is removed. If have the white cover, juice test is going destruction.

Now I ready to juice from a blender machine. I put 150gm sugar, 15gm Bit salt and 5gm salt into the machine. Now I put lemon. I make 2 glass of juice. So if you make 5 glass lemon juice, please make sure everything is enough. Now I blend 2 minutes. My lemon juice is ready now.

If you try and make perfectly or now please leave a comment, I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Unique Lemon Juice Recipe
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